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Solutions for Digital Assets: 

Solutions for  Digital Presence: 

Web Development

From the initial concept all the way through to the final launch, our professional web experts not only create the highest level front and back-end solutions but also our designers offer users the optimal online experience.

Web design and development – a tangible aid to your business

 Geolance is an expert digital studio with a huge assortment of experienced  specialists in creating world-class Business-to-Business and Business-to-Client web  apps focusing on RTC, video delivery, data analytics, e-Learning etc. 

Web app development products are like the backbone of a company and are very  important for supporting almost every aspect of the online business from planning,  to executing and managing. With the vast experience, specialists on our digital  studio  can help you plan, understand and put into practice critical web applications.  They  put their 100% diligence and knowledge in providing entirely custom yet  innovative web application development services. Best minds on our IT studio are  creating web applications that are capable of working with huge amounts of data as  well as difficult transactions while keeping performance and security at a high level.

Our specialized business web application development engineers offer the highest  level of scalability, usability, and full compatibility with platforms and browsers.   

We can develop various unique applications that will help your business grow. Just contact us in the chat right now, and experienced and devoted specialists on our IT studio will give life to your creative ideas. Geolance experts deliver only high quality, smooth performance and individual approach to every client.

It is first impressions that last and your potential customers are allured by your site’s image. However, when it comes to web design users are now spoilt for choice as never before. Geolance will upscale your image by:

  • designing a modern, user-friendly and attractive site, which can be used on desktop, tablets and mobile devices
  • adjust your site’s content by using SEO techniques, so that it drives more organic traffic
  • maintaining the image of your site till it meets the required aim
  • enhancing your communication with clients and making it more efficient

Hire Specialists for Fast, Responsive, Protected & Scalable Web Apps

Fast & Responsive

Specialists on our IT studio can develop high-quality web apps that are responsive and fast, providing top user experience and better user engagement


Using the best coding practices and latest encryption technologies, our specialists guarantee that your app is safe from various threats


Web applications developed by experts on our digital studio process huge amounts of data with zero downtime

Custom Business Websites 

Custom well-designed Business Website this is the face of the brand in the digital world  



Do you have a unique idea like marketplace Uber or Airbnb no problem, we can do it. Moreover, with the latest technologies.

Web App


Building fastest web apps this our new generation of websites. We would analyze,  design, develop,  in front of your eyes you. In fact, the result will be stunning from image to speed.  

Let us start your Web Project in following steps:

1. Analyzing

We strongly believe that better the analysis better the quality of final product. Specialists on our platform take this part very seriously and spend a good amount of efforts and time on it

2. Designing

Perfect design – is one that makes your work easy and is user-friendly. Eye-pleasing and artistic designs do not always have high usability. Our digital studio experts strive to create eye-pleasing and highly usable web application designs

3. Database Logic

Our specialists left no stone unturned in optimizing the database performance and design, as normalized database design and well architecture provide a good performance gain

4. User Communication

Experienced web app developers on our IT studio take your preferred medium of communication and communicate frequently and on demand

5. Programming

This is a stage of creating an actual the web app and programming it iteratively. Smaller modules, deployment, faster testing and faster release

6. API Development

Our experts will create the REST endpoints of your web app without any extra charges. You will need it for creating Mobile App. API endpoints are included in the core of our web app development, and it will help you to save big on mobile app development

7. Project Management

Specialist on our digital studio use only proven techniques and tools to manage your project that make project management smooth and problem-free

8. Testing

Our specialists take Quality Assurance and mobile app security testing very seriously. Any small module of our web application has to meet tough testing standards. You can be assured of the best quality

9. Performance Tuning

Your web app will run fast, no matter how complex the requirement may be. Experts on our It studio can optimize resources and code, tune the database to make overall system work faster and better




















UX/UI Tools













Digital Ocean




Specialists on our digital studio offer such Web App Development Services


As expert digital studio we emphasize that developing a reliable e-commerce platform is essential for any website. Web application development mainly requires e-commerce solution that is feature-rich

Integration Social Media

Integrating platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram into the web app help improve SEO, get the better business footprint, build your following across social platforms through social media promotion

Responsive Design

Web applications allow flexible layouts with an easy, responsive design, together with creative social media content

Enterprise Web Apps

Web applications for enterprise are increasing in their popularity as they help to advance productivity besides delivering perfect user experience

Clear Navigation

While developing navigation strategy for web apps, we consider a call to action, which makes your goals obvious and clear

High Security

We design web applications with security in mind. Secure coding, encryption/decryption, and security testing are must in our development process

Custom Web Apps

Our web app development services include building of custom web applications with excellent usability, compatibility, and scalability

Agile Processes of Development

On our digital studio you can find specialists for creating scalable and powerful web apps using agile development processes and the newest web technologies

Third Party API Integration

Third party integration is brought to run business operations. They include Paypal, Quickbooks, Google Maps and other online apps

Process of Web App Development

Stage 1 

Analyzing needs and requirements

Stage 2

Designing and preparing various design prototyping solutions for your web app

Stage 3

Development of web app based on the design you finalized and features you need

Stage 4

Communicating frequently with every release of web application iteration

Stage 5

Beta Launching of the web app to make sure that it meets all your needs, requirements and can handle the load

Stage 6

We launch your web application to the public, and it is time to celebrate success

Put Your Ideas Into Action

Give life to your ideas! Don’t let them die in a sea of self-doubt and uncertainty. Nowadays you have all possibilities to have successful startup, regardless of the sphere, size, and direction of your thoughts. You can easily give life to your ideas and our team is ready to help. Schedule a free consultation with Roman.

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