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Don’t waste your time thinking that you can’t do it! Believe in yourself and achieve your goals with help of our professional team of developers. If you want to increase the engagement in your business or create a positive and reliable image of your company you should implement IT technology.

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Give life to your ideas! Don’t let them die in a sea of self-doubt and uncertainty. Nowadays you have all possibilities to have successful startup, regardless of the sphere, size, and direction of your thoughts. You can easily give life to your ideas and our team is ready to help.


Most of the senior engineers with whom we work have 5+ years of experience when it comes to designing and coding. They are not only geared toward app building or website development that is attractive and in line with best UI/UX design practices, but also such that are extraordinarily fast and reliable.

Geolance is invested in harnessing the most talented pool of iOS and Android app developers, web designers, e-commerce creators, and design consultants, and bringing their skills to the US, Canada, and all countries across Europe. We connect organizations with the types of mobile and web solution specialists who are dedicated to their craft and committed to customer satisfaction.


UI and UX are important methods in software design and development. User Interface is about the look and feel of the application when User experience is more about the user’s overall responses and perception about the end product interface.


Geolance provides extensive support to our customers after your website or app is up and running. We will troubleshoot your issues and fix any defects or bugs of the software. That is one of the benefits our customers will receive when working with us.


self-doubt has used Agile development practices to develop and deliver high-quality software. Agile development methodology is about continuous testing and approving app performance to avoid common development issues.


We not only dedicatedly work for our clients’ project but also maintain a meaningful relationship with them long after the project complete.


We not only dedicatedly work for our clients’ project but also maintain a meaningful relationship with them long after the project complete.


Material Design is changing the way we are interacting with our devices. It's the unique and universal approach of mobile app design is making life easier for both users and designers.

Take Every Opportunity to Grow.

Catch an opportunity and hold it tightly to propel your ideas and make your dreams come true. Don’t let any possibility pass by, you must take your chance and try to achieve your goals. Don’t be afraid to take new opportunities, here in Geolance we will help you to grow!


Your business is only as good as its brand. With our talented team of designers, iOS and web developers, app creators and digital marketing specialists, we not only build and develop apps and websites, we also help you put together an all-inclusive strategy that will boost your brand.

Web Development

From the initial concept all the way through to the final launch, our professional website design experts not only create the highest level back end solutions, but also websites that offer users the optimal online experience.

App Development

Building apps are just what we do. Here are just some of the Value Features our designers and developers can integrate: Feedback analytics/ News feeds / Calendar function / Push notifications / In app purchase options / Social network integration / Comments & Likes sections / Local Database / GeoLocation

Business Planning

Today’s market is certainly crowded. Standing out and making your mark often begins with effective planning. Randomly launching a site, or a social media page, or an app is not going to be very effective, unless there is a careful business planning strategy behind it. Our experts have worked with numerous companies across a wide array of industries, and we know how to best help you when it comes to the most effective business planning


When it comes to protecting your company’s vital information, you want the assurance of knowing that your website or app is 100% safe. Implementing security encryption functions that actually work, and guaranteeing safe connections at all times, our website creators and mobile app design specialists leave nothing to chance.

Digital Marketing

You’ve got the site, you’ve got the products and services, now it’s time for you to get found! Without a robust digital presence, your chances of success are slim. We want to help grow your business. Leveraging the latest as far as online channels and optimization strategies, our team will create a comprehensive digital marketing plan designed just for you.

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