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When it comes to protecting your company’s vital information, you want the assurance of knowing that your website or app is 100% safe. Implementing security encryption functions that actually work, and guaranteeing safe connections at all times, our website creators and mobile app design specialists leave nothing to chance.

Security goes first Nowadays

If your website stores financial assets such as credit card or identity information, your web security is relatively lower. With Geolance security solutions, you will get protection for all of your users, no matter what devices they are using (computers or tablets) or where in the world they are connecting.

With Geolance security solutions, your data will be encrypted as it travels to and from your PC, preventing your web or app from cybersecurity threats and establishing a worry-free environment for you and your web visitors.

Nowadays the weak point of IT security is web applications. That’s why at more than 50 % of the entire server vulnerability disclosures are web application vulnerabilities. They are now the most common, so all users should be aware of them. Pursuant to IBM's analysis does not comprise weak spots in custom-developed web applications that mean that it may just be the tip of the problem.

As Cybersecurity Company we can detect more than two dozen forms of vulnerabilities in network applications. Some attacks use fault injection, that’s mean that it exploits susceptibility in a web application's semantics and syntax. In simple terms, there is an attacker who can manipulate data in a web page URL link to do an exploitable malfunction in some app. Cross-site Scripting and SQL Injection are the two most common varieties. The result often gives an invader control over the app and quite easy access to the database, server, and all another back-end IT assets.

Email systems and web apps have long been desired by hackers because of the easy access to important information. Besides, it is relatively simple to take advantage of it. A successful attack can effect in a diversity of devastating consequences including harm to brand reputation, financial damage, and loss of clients trust. Most organizations do not recover from such a major security break. That’s why it is utterly vital to use Web application protection to preserve your customers and users from all threats that exist in target applications and email systems.

Our Web Application Security Solutions consists of an integrated and robust set of products to save from harm from these attacks. We are the only company in Canada that provides a huge range of complete website security solutions with the security effectiveness and proven performance to compete with the increasing demands of today’s data centers. Also, our app security solutions can be incorporated to next generation firewalls and many other security agents for protection against advanced constant threats.

Web app security 

It’s hard to guarantee security that all apps on your system are free of vulnerabilities. Sometimes there is previously undiscovered susceptibility, so the attacker is waiting to patch it. If there is an out-of-support system or some other issue, vulnerabilities are there, waiting to be exploited. Our website security services protect web-based apps from attacks that intend to strike those vulnerabilities.

Geolance offers top web application security appearance with confirmed efficiency as validated by NSS Labs.

DDoS attack mitigation

Distributed Denial of Service attacks keeps on being the most common danger to IT safety. They are targeting the application layer that has a tendency to be small and hard to become aware of. But you should bear in mind that a successful attack will still shut down your crucial services.

Web Application Security inspects all inbound and outbound traffic from an information center using 100% behavior-based recognition methods and 100% hardware. It blocks all attacks including small application-layer and large bulk-volumetric attacks.

Geolance’s expertise

When a web security application starts to grow, you need to add new servers to maintain the client’s encryption and capacity needs. After you reach this peak, new problems occur: something needs to manage the additional servers and they can only handle restricted amounts of secure traffic decryption and encryption.

Our company provides the best solution - leading secure traffic encryption and decryption, alleviating this task from servers of the web application. At the best cost we can provide a huge increase in capacity of secure application traffic in opposition to only server use. 

Electronic message security

Email communication is one of the most popular ways of reaching people in the modern world. But despite its popularity, it presents many challenges. The biggest of them is protecting users and the network from email-based threats such as phishing, spamming and different malware. Our high-quality Web Application Security provides with the perfect solution - threat scans for all inbound and outbound email. It also can avert sensitive files from being sent with data loss prevention tools. Currently, our web app security is the fastest email safety platform available. 

Web Application Firewall

Web application firewalls or WAFs are defined on a number of criteria, and they are implemented in one of three methods: cloud, appliance or integrated. Geolance is the only company with protection solutions for data center, network, application, endpoint, cloud and access designed to work as one integrated security machine to endow with true non-stop protection. This reduces the need for redundant policies across the enterprise and numerous touch points. Also, it makes your network gradually more and more secure and easy to control, so don’t wait to order!

Nowadays every enterprise is at risk from web-borne threats. Our Web application protection will help you to diminish your vulnerability and educate your end users about unsafe practices.

Protection of Valuable Information

Valuable information must be protected. Information is one of the most valuable assets of any enterprise, no matter what kind of product you are developing.

Keeping Ahead of Competitors

Stay ahead of the competition. Be in the first row of software manufacturers, who build their applications with security in mind.

Caring About Clients

Offering security drives sales. When you the security in your software as a bonus, your clients will feel that you really care about their well-being.

Meeting Current Standards

One of the widespread and important standards is the requirement of software security. In the majority of industries, data protection is a must, and your software should follow these standards to be adequate to current demands.

Put Your Ideas Into Action

Give life to your ideas! Don’t let them die in a sea of self-doubt and uncertainty. Nowadays you have all possibilities to have successful startup, regardless of the sphere, size, and direction of your thoughts. You can easily give life to your ideas and our team is ready to help. Schedule a free consultation with Roman.

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