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Why work late — unprofessional and ineffective

CEO and co-founder of the Swedish startup Soundtrack your brand (b2b-version of Spotify) Ola Sars usually does not sit up at work. "I try to finish by 16:00 at least three times a week. We are given only one life, and the family is more important than work", he says.

Ola is very fond of his children and proudly mentions in his LinkedIn that she was going to the decree when they were born. And there it is: "I manage the most important team in the world". Of course, this is about his family. This work is on the same list with more traditional positions in consulting, advertising and entrepreneurship. And today its start-up SYB is available in 102 countries of the world, and for the last year, it grew by profit by 300-400%. In total, the project attracted almost $ 33 million of venture investments.

"I want the work to give me the opportunity to live my life, even if I have my own business. And I want every member of my team to have the same opportunity. This means that I should be better, smarter, have time to do more for a conditioned hour of work. We try to avoid recycling and at the same time to dominate the global market. So when we are at work, we try our best. But coming home, we just enjoy life", Ola told The Next Web.

In his opinion, work late and sleepless nights behind the laptop, which are inevitable if you're doing a startup. It's just a stereotype.

"I'm not interested in people who say that they work a lot. For me, this means that they are ineffective, that they are unprofessional. I know this is subjective, but we see it that way".

Ola believes that an effective CEO is the one who knows how to delegate: "My job is to put the right people in front of the right people. And I'm very proud of the elite team that I managed to build. Therefore, we do not have any HR and, I think, will never be. Because hiring and firing is my job. This is my responsibility. And since we do not have a 12-month-silicon-party here, I'm in this for a long time." Today in the startup, according to CrunchBase, employs more than 30 people.

In general, the Nordic peoples is famous for working very diligently, but without fanaticism. They do not favor processing. For example, in Finland, a typical working day from 8:30 to 16:00. Experiments with a 6-hour working day are in Sweden, and in Latvia, on Fridays, it is customary to work until 16:00, maximum to 17:00, unless you have an emergency.

Many studies show that a traditional 8-hour working day is a relic of the past. In modern conditions, when most processes are automated, people simply do not need so much time to fulfill their duties. Therefore, they are diligently working no more than 60% of the working day, and all the rest of the time procrastinate. In Facebook, for example.

Ola Sars is not the only successful entrepreneur who refuses to put his life on the altar of work. Another adept of "effective" work is Basecamp CEO Jason Fried. Instead of the usual 47 hours a week he works 40. A CEO of Alliance Wealth Management Jeff Rose - and at all to eight. And, as he claims, it only went for the benefit of his business. Of the latest heroes - "anti-workaholics" - the top manager of Google Hiroshi Lockheimer, who works until 5:30 pm and does everything.

Of course, a short day is not a guarantee of success. According to Ola, there is no regular recipe: a bit of luck, some statistics. "99 out of 100 ideas fail. Today everything can look good, but I realize that further can go as you please. Very much depends on luck, you just need to try and try, and try again and again. So in the end, it's not even about luck, but in statistics. In my life, I very often was a loser. You can not avoid this", he said.

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