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Top Social Media Trends You Need to Include in Your Marketing Strategy

In the process of development and promotion of their products brands are trying to connect with the target audience on various social platforms in more ways than ever. It is becoming more challenging to catch customer’s attention as competition grows fast. Average person scrolls through 300 feet of content a day, giving companies a hard time grabbing the users’ attention. Here are main SMM Trends of 2018 that we believe will have the biggest impact on your Social Media Marketing strategy.

Faster clients service with chatbots

Modern chatbots are no longer the clunky, robotic machines that we are used to. They are bots that provide brands with an immediate connection with clients from all over the world in a way that feels personal. As chatbots become more human-like and smarter, you can tailor the voice of your brand and send custom-made messages directly to your audience. For example, Facebook reported that they registered 100,000 monthly active bots on their Messenger, offering an entirely new platform. It is an excellent way for marketers to connect with customers.

Our experts recommend, if you have not started using chatbots for your business yet, try to implement them. But do not forget that it is easy to design chatbots targeting only Millennials, and older users who adapt to new technologies slower may struggle. Before you launch your chatbot, do proper usability testing on a variety of prospect users.

Short-time content will have the best engagement rate

Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat stories are growing the popularity of ephemeral, short-time content. Most of it is shared for up to 24 hours and then vanishes forever. Today brands are creating content for their social platforms as well as having a whole separate strategy for their ephemeral part of it.

The great thing about the short-time content is that it allows you to be more authentic. Stories that emerge at the top of the feed give an opportunity to keep your company at the top of follower’s minds. We recommend you to work on a brand strategy for reaching audiences with the help of an ephemeral content to make your voice heard.

Augmented reality boom

Mobile device augmented reality provides an easy, fast and very interactive way for marketers to reach their customers. For example, this year launch of iPhone X and iPhone 8 which provides customers with new augmented reality experiences.

As AR grows in popularity ‘Virtual FOMO’ is becoming a thing. People start feeling that they are missing out on this new world and want to participate. If you are planning on using this technology make sure that it is shareable and adds some value for the user. Do not use it just for the sake of it. Consider if it fits your strategy well and what they can bring you in future.

The takeover of Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a trend that is taking over 2018. As the vast majority of marketers want to benefit from it, there are far more challenges that brands and agencies face. The audience is looking for authenticity from influencers and companies who seek to work with real industry experts or social media influencers will get a top engagement rate. But you need to focus on building meaningful relationships with chosen industry people to maintaining good results.

If you are want to build successful influencer marketing strategy, you will need to have a good thought about why you want to work with influencers and consider whether that will help to have the best ROI.

The video content is on top

In the modern world, video is the main way of content consumption. The biggest challenge is to capture your audience’s attention in the first 3 seconds. Video is not a marketing strategy- it is a tactic. Before you start using it, you need to have a proper plan behind. Make sure that all your video content is engaging and high quality. Research what your target audience is looking for and test various types of content to see what is better for you.

Predictions for Influencer Marketing

Trust between customers and companies is better when there are a story and face behind a brand. That is often where high-quality influencer marketing comes into play. It is the major trend for social media in 2018, and it will continue its rise in near future.

Today we have a vast of options to link our social activity to business. That’s why many experts think that successful companies are going to use robust measurement systems that create a direct link between social media activity and set goals.

Modern social media analytics platforms already provide the expertise and tools to help companies do this. So dependence on vanity metrics – likes, retweets or number of followers – will no longer be enough. Fuller adoption of innovations like analytics, image recognition and all that is yet to come, will also help companies to see the impact of user-generated content and sponsorship activity that was hard to calculate accurately before.

Another thing that will be a massive part of influencer market is video, particularly Live Video. It will continue to grow importance, so that is essential to take care that you have relevant and high-quality video content. As audiences become more inundated, marketers and businesses will have to become more skilled at creating really useful content. Therefore, we expect the overall improvement of video content quality.

Even more companies will turn to influencer marketing to grow a local presence and get to their target audiences that they have difficulties reaching today. With the rise of micro-influencers marketing, companies will not be dependent on top celebrity influencers and big marketing budgets. Micro-influencers are not only more affordable but often are more eager to partner with the right brands and have more time for that. Proper collaboration with someone that is interested in serving you and your audience incredible value is great. A more in-depth personal connection between brands and their users is the key to success. Less repetition and automation, more real-time engagement and capitalisation on micro-moments with the goal to bring joy your social media followers that what companies will strive for.

Also, many analysts predict that brands will continue to invest in social advertising and influencer marketing together with employee advocacy will bring grand things for those willing to spend on it.

Our development company advice you to plan campaigns properly and schedule what you can. But also spend more time connecting with your customers and finding more effective ways to build trust, loyalty, and it will totally pay off.


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