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Not only LinkedIn: where to look for IT employees to work remotely

Employees are one of the key resources of the business. However, it is not easy to find them, especially if it concerns the IT field and remote work. About where to look for experts for the fruitful and long-term cooperation we will talk in our article.

The main recommendation is to get to know the person in real life. You can invite a future employee to visit the office or visit the city where he/she lives. And be sure to check the references. The rest depends on the search channel. We will analyze the most useful.

Recommendation of friends or colleagues

This option seems to be one of the most reliable because behind it is the background of the one who gives the recommendation. From the unique advantages of the method - the opportunity to learn more about the potential employee from people with whom she/he is familiar, to more objectively evaluate the candidate. But the disadvantages, in this case, are enough: if it is a highly specialized professional, it's not in every circle of acquaintances that such is. Also, such an employee can expect a special attitude, which is also not in the hands of the employer.

On the other hand, an adequate specialist will not advise his team of an incompetent candidate or someone with whom it is impossible to build a good relationship. Therefore, this approach is becoming more widespread in the IT environment.

Some vacancies are very narrow, and standard methods do not find the right specialists. They are not in the open search for work, and their profiles in social networks are almost not filled, so judging the experience and skills in the profile is almost impossible. Many high-ranking candidates are simply not public. In such situations, recruiters are needed who are familiar with this market, or recommendations of people who know the market.

Social networks

Social networks are another powerful search channel for employees. In addition to LinkedIn, it is worth paying attention to Facebook.

For this to work, we advise you to write a simple and honest text and not an official description of the vacancy. It is useful to add the current picture so that the post was higher on the tape and attracted more attention. Also, it is worth asking friends to share the publication. This dramatically increases the chances of finding the right person.

Special resources

But I do not recommend betting only on this channel. It is not so effective. Speaking about specific figures, special media sites give about 10% of the total number of candidates in the funnel, which we found. With marketing positions things are better, the figure is increased to 20-25%.

Platforms for freelancers

This method was used by everyone once. Of the advantages of this method, we can note a wide range of specialists at different levels, although, of course, the number of juniors is predominant. Of the minuses - the fact that not all freelancers have a sense of responsibility. For some of them, nothing is worth taking the task to work and irretrievably disappear. Also, freelancers sometimes do not worry about the customer, because they are sure that tomorrow they will find a new one. Therefore, quality often suffers here. However, it is not worthwhile to put a cross on this search channel.

To find a specialist with sufficient expertise, we advise you to search not for general resources, but for specialized ones. The developer can be found on StackOverflow, the designer or digital-marketer - on Fiverr, the translator - on Upwork. It is better to secure yourself by choosing a contractor who has been working on the portal for a long time, has a positive history and portfolio of projects. Also, do not spare the time for a clear statement of work and determine the milestones and KPI, by which you will monitor the progress of the process.

Cooperation with courses, universities, organizations

This method has not gained much popularity yet, although it often gives good results. However, there are some peculiarities here. Recently, a lot of specialized courses and schools have appeared on the IT education market, and the quality of education in them can vary greatly. It is very important to understand the level of teachers and the learning process. There are a lot of good courses. Their graduates are very interested in practice and work. Therefore, you can close the positions of juniors by them.

Maximum attention should be paid to motivation. It is even more important than experience.

Job Search Sites

This is perhaps the easiest and most expected way to find an employee. Of the obvious advantages is to allocate access to a broad base of specialists, if you are willing to pay for a business account. However, there are also drawbacks here. First, good IT specialists rarely use this way of looking for work. Secondly, there are many resumes in the database of those who are looking for work for a long time, which indicates their competence. So you have to sift a lot of unnecessary. However, this option remains accessible and relevant for those who are interested in this job are looking for work. The percentage of people who remain in passive search is small.

In addition to the standard websites and channels, we also use projects like Brainstorage, Glassdoor and specialized resources for start-ups (like

How to evaluate the effectiveness of channels

Finally, how to evaluate the effectiveness of the channels. Short answer: only in the complex. You can not judge efficiency, considering separately work with job sites, profile resources, social networks and so on. The task of all these sources is to form the largest possible funnel of candidates. All the described tools extend this funnel.

Even if you did not hire a single specialist due to a certain channel, but got candidates who helped to make a decision, this is a good channel. Comparing the various tools with the question "which is better?" is incorrect. The best strategy is to use as many channels as possible to form the correct funnel of candidates.


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