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Content Production: How to Build Authority, Trust & Reputation

People are really in a state of saturation and overwhelm in 2018. All of us in some way face content shock. That means that our increasing volumes of content cross limit human capacity limit to consume it.

In such vastness of web content production, it is really very hard to catch viewer’s attention and convert them. Building authority, trust and a good reputation are hard too. So the question is what you can do to still gain returns on your content investment? Here are some of our tips:

1. Avoid saturated and broad subjects that are not your specialty

With the boom of cryptocurrencies, more than 50,000 articles were being published every week about Bitcoin. That is overwhelming for any reader interested in Bitcoin and too much content to compete with.

Unless you are already a specialist in cryptocurrency, your article is probably going to get lost. That is why we recommend creating content that is not only trendy but that you have authority in.

2. Capitalize on emerging trends or segment the niche for an exclusive approach

As a trend appears it quickly become soaked in content production. And as a wise content creator, you should jump off such a bandwagon well before that happens.

Part of the skill of successful website content creation and marketing is looking for new trends that you can capitalize on, but use them only if you are relevant to that topic.

The best way to spot trends is to read industry news, Google Alerts and Google Trends, as well as to monitor social media. It is an investment of time, but it totally pays off.

3. Work on ways that viewers find your content

As content creation company we believe that you should always remember that the way how you get found is just as important as what you produce. One of the biggest challenges of modern marketing is getting seen by a relevant audience. Due to the huge amounts of content, it is not an easy task. But focusing on how you will promote your content is essential for an effective strategy.

You can use social media marketing as a tool for engagement. You can even reduce your investment relying on organic social referral. Also, you can benefit from private sharing that is now on the rise. This makes the need to build relationships with people who have their own audience and can promote you. Invest in looking for strategic partnerships and your peer network that can help you reach a wider audience.

Even in hesitation over the impact of GDPR on digital PR, unsolicited emails and outreach will help to build readership. That should be a core part of your content marketing strategy.

Though, do not just use link opportunities, find people that will have a genuine interest in your services and product. Outreach is about engaging target audience and not a blanket email approach that brings low conversion and high volume.

4. Communicate Directly Through Email

Email is one of the most logical channels for showing off for your content. It is the way that you can directly control.

Nowadays many independent businesses use email communication beautifully to build, develop and promote their brand. But before you have that direct relationship, you have to build that list. And the only way to do that is by being found. For small independent businesses with a limited budget, it is not easy and can take time. But there are ways that can provide you with a little hustle, such as using other newsletters for exposing your content.

As content production agency, we recommend you to focus the budget on paid strategic partnerships with established email lists. Search for niche platforms that have an engaged audience but a smaller market share.

5. Only Produce Journalist Standard Content

The amount of content in the modern world led to raising the bar of branded content production. Decades ago, in an offline world, the creation of any type of content was expensive and therefore had more quality control. Such a high barrier to content entry in print resulted that it has always been trusted as a source of information. Then came Blogger and WordPress and all get a chance to publish their thoughts and opinions which attributed to the current overflow.

Now we can see the return of a full circle to a journalist standard and good quality output. That is happening because brands are trying to create a community of followers around them and content with high value is the best way to do that!

Why and How to Build Authority, Trust & Reputation

Authority, trust and good reputation are the foundation of successful businesses. Without them a brand is basically a copy of its competitors, that is multiplying choices for the target audience. When a business has all of these three elements, its clients become emotionally engaged, which leads to a loyal community. As for the companies that lack trust and a good reputation, they are just bidding on their luck.

This concept clearly translates into the world of digital marketing. Authority, trust and reputation intertwine to build flawless SEO and marketing campaigns. That is why you should focus on building and balancing all three elements.

They increase SEO visibility and strengthen online and local presence. But the process of achieving a good brand reputation in digital marketing is challenging. We want to share the essential tactics to help you build and strengthen your SEO and content marketing campaigns.

Use more of what is working

Amplifying services that are the strong is much better than spending time on fixing what just is not working. Sometimes it is a great decision to get rid of them and do not waste time and money. It may sound counterintuitive, but using what works rather than spending time on something that does not is the proven tactic of many successful companies in the world.

Think about Apple iPhones. This smartphone platform works, so it makes more sense to build and develop it rather than sideline it and focus on an entirely new model of the smartphone. You may argue that Apple successfully builds other product lines. But look at what gets the most attention in their marketing campaigns.

Strengthen your content marketing trinity

Consider strengthening your content marketing trinity in the process of engaging with clients. This trinity includes: constant fresh and emotionally appealing content on the business website, guest posting on authoritative industry websites and continuously feeding the machine of social media. You can achieve that by making content that will inspire them to be storytellers and create an optimal online presence. The SEO and content marketing value within this trinity does not need an explanation as you look to establish an influential voice within your industry.

 So, the main secrets to content creation that build up your reputation lay in doing what we already know and adding more of something familiar. But every time you create something fresh and strange that will keep your audience interested.


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