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Content Marketing On A Tight Budget

In a recent two to three years, social media marketing becomes a must-have component of the common company's marketing strategy. Now, we can for sure claim that content marketing has made that jump. In fact, in a recent study, content marketing was stated as the most commercially significant digital marketing approach.

The Budget expenses for content marketing are growing exponentially. More and more resources and tools are now custom-made with content marketing in mind. Almost every day we can observe the appearance of another groundbreaking, popular content marketing campaign. And you always wish you'd thought of that idea first. But all these developments are unreachable if you simply cannot have enough money for it.

But you should not give up, there a plenty of ways that you can use and don't spend a lot of money. You need to find ways to make, publish and promote great content for nearly free. We want to share the ways to do it, so listen up.

1. Use Free Apps to Find Out Good Content

If you can't afford to create brand-new and unique content, then curate. Content curation is a great help to marketers on a tight budget. Nothing stops you from finding good content that will educate, excite, or entertain the visitors of your website. Once you find content that you like, share it (with proper credit, of course).

2. Use Your Experiences

Never stop sharing your experiences and thoughts with your audiences in a simple yet logical manner.

Since you and your target audience have at least one common area of interest – your product category – you should share your expertise in it. Use your blog posts, social media, and articles in journals and magazines in your niche to share your tips and tricks.

You need to be genuine to resonance to your audience and make them form a connection. If writing is not your thing, you can try other platforms like creating infographics or video content.

3. Encourage Users to Share

A lot of researchers has shown that users trust the word of other users, even if they're strangers. We, as well as a large majority of users, look for service or product reviews before purchasing it.

Think about a way of using this fact to your advantage. You can invite users to share their feedback and other content with you. And it can be not only reviews alone. You can host a contest among your audience for their best pieces of art or a video or photograph or an article that is on a topic relevant to your brand. Such social media trick will drive engagement and conversation around your products or services. Besides, that will cost you nothing regarding costs for content creation.

4. Be a Speaker in Trade Events

It is always a great idea to get a great publicity for yourself and your brand. A good way to become recognized as well as admired is by participating in flagship industry events and leaving your mark on it.

Industry events are very important, because you can promote yourself. This means that by presenting a paper or by just speaking at an industry event, you can automatically become the new topic of conversation. Blog posts, articles or other forms of content of journalists industry that reference your talk, will credit your site or the particular piece of your advice. So you get the mention in the right forums, as well  as you also stand a chance to receive some free links back to your site!

5. Build Strong  Content Marketing Strategy

You can show the content that you create or collect from users, friends, and family in various ways across your brand’s platforms. Though, you'll soon realize that you have a flood of a ton of ideas. And to keep track and find a specific piece from this pile can become messy and difficult.

This is why you must invest in a task scheduling and management tool of some sort. It will let your teams collaborate on campaigns and concepts, delegate, assign, and share notes of content creation. Also, some of them provide notifications to your mail that is very convenient. With such tool, you can simply organize your content the way you want it, and also create and manage content calendars.

Create a content publishing plan with clear timelines. That will add stability and structure to your website, therefore helps to build great and trustworthy content. Don’t skip this step, because creating effective and tailored content marketing strategy is essential to every business.

You should understand that some of the most popular corporate content comes from people who are not content creators writers by profession. So you just need to stop worrying so much about how much content marketing is going to cost you. The main thing that you need to invest is your time and persistence to put together good content. Believe in yourself in your brand, work hard and you will achieve your business goals sooner then you aspect.


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