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Boost Your Career with Social Media Platforms

In the modern world, social media is not only for fun, but it is also a great way to promote your career. Social media become a significant part of the way people in most spheres of life communicate and the most of how work gets done. A lot of corporations and government use social media strategy services for increasing people’s engagement in their projects.

Social media platforms allow you to:

Learn trends and new ideas.

Get inspiration.

Connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Bring awareness and engagement to your work.

Create, build and promote your brand.

As social media promotion raise in popularity, many people are trying to implement it in their business strategy. But sometimes it is very difficult to separate the personal usage from the professional one because everything you say online can influence your career. If you work for any company always be aware of its social media policies. They may be quite strict, and you must know that.

Social platforms evolve all the time, so it’s essential to keep up with their development and looking for ways to optimize your use of the existing tools.

Well, let’s together run down the main social media platforms and learn how to make the most of them for your career.


You shouldn’t ignore this serious and professional social networking. LinkedIn has 500 million members and is popular all over the globe. It is a classic professional network, and if you don’t use it optimally, you are losing the potential benefit.

Most people like to take it for granted and start using it only when they have to change jobs. But, often at that point, it is too late. You’re better learning to use it when you don’t need it. LinkedIn is not just for job hunting but also is a great career management tool.

LinkedIn will help you to expand your network and influence

It offers an assortment of ways to develop your network by connecting you with appropriate professionals in your sphere of business. The main thing is to find and connect with successful people in your industry, to be a part of the community.

Don’t forget that you should also post your content, presenting your skills on a regular basis.

LinkedIn is great for building and expanding a business

Depending on your business’ realm, it offers a variety of ways to organize a company. Everything from recruiting to finding someone who will make a professional business plan is possible with it. On LinkedIn, you can make a company page and grow an online community around it. It will allow you to get potential customers and clients.

Best for job hunting

Finding jobs is might be the major part of LinkedIn. You can use the network to find suitable companies, job openings or people. Spend some time planning details and searching features that will let you drill down into networks of companies, job postings, and people.

Keep in mind that LinkedIn is free, but you may want to try the premium accounts. They are pricey, but if you’re job hunting, it’s usually worth paying for the awesome features like connecting in new ways with recruiters and the ability to email people you don’t know yet through the site.


Twitter is all about sharing your ideas and instant connections. It can be more informal than other platforms, but still very important for propelling your career.

Twitter allows you to have a private or public account. If you are using Twitter for business, we recommend you to have an open account that will attract new customers and clients to your product and services.

The instant nature of Twitter allows you to:

Have fresh and real-time information about the state of your areas of interest.

Comment, share and be part of an overall community.

Besides, the great tool to get feedback is Twitter poles, and you can see the results in real-time. So, it gives you an opportunity to engage with, and expand your network.

Smart, related and well-timed posts can help you raise your company’s profile, especially when you learn to use the “magic” of hashtags. Keep them simple but unique, so that some other brand doesn’t hijack your hashtags.

Always remember that following good spelling, grammar, and punctuation rules will help you stand out and create a good impression. Also, make a clear bio that explains who you are, along with a recent and nice headshot.


It is a worldwide phenomenon with the largest number of users. Both companies and people are enjoying it to the fullest.

That’s why it is the most influential and powerful of the current social networks. Mostly it remains mainly a personal network for most people. But social media advertising services can be really useful for business and professional life as well.

You can use Facebook to:

Find and connect with influencers in your field.

Share your interests and passions.

Help to shape your image.

In addition to a personal profile, we recommend creating a business page that will let you connect with your target audience. You can share ideas, progress reports, and updates with a large range of people who may not visit your business website often.

Besides, use Facebook to follow companies you are interested in and always get fresh information about opportunities and job openings.


Instagram is more than just pretty pictures. It is more and more important platform for business.

Mostly Instagram focuses on photos, captions, and videos. It has grown to 800 million users and became a huge and influential part of the business world. If you and your business are all about visuals, Instagram must be part of your business strategy.

Instagram’s audience loves great visuals, and you can use that for creating visually appealing content and building an audience around it.

Experimentation with paid advertising services and patience is a secret formula that will help you succeed. Don’t forget about Insta Stories, which allow you to tell about your brand using multiple photos and videos. They are a great way to create awareness of your brand, make promotions, launches, and other stuff.

As with many other platforms, job hunting on Instagram is about interacting and listening to right individuals and brands. Bear in mind that a lot of content that you see on Instagram get professional help and you have small chances to replicate their scale and success if you are working on your own.


Snapchat may be a great option for you depending on your industry and who you’re trying to reach. It is especially useful if you are trying to reach millennials and younger. If not, you’d better want to wait and see how the “Insta vs. Snap” war shakes out.

Always remember that nothing stays the same for too long. These are just common guidelines for these five social media platforms. Each person’s success rates and experience with using them in his or her career will work for sure vary.

The best way to ensure success is to plan before you post, and always evaluate what you are posting and analyze your overall online activities. What’s common sense in real life is always a common sense on any social media.


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