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9 reasons why Android smartphones are still better than iPhone

No matter how innovative Apple's smartphones are, Android devices have at least nine important advantages compared to them.

A wider choice of smartphones

In the official retail, you can count only about a dozen models of the iPhone, and they are pretty similar to each other. The variety of smartphones on Android gives the buyer a much wider choice of devices of various sizes for almost any money. Those who wish can find both compact and inexpensive models, as well as giant flagships.

Availability of truly affordable devices

The meager variety of Apple smartphones is not so bad. No less important is the fact that the budget iPhone is simply not there. The most affordable of them in the official retail is the iPhone SE. For many, this amount is excessively high, which is why people go or just stay on Android.

Support for microSD cards

Apple sometimes even surprises with the new features of its devices, but the iPhone still does not have such an easy and necessary option, like a slot for memory cards. Increasing the amount of built-in storage cannot be called a solution to the situation since models with 128 or 256 GB of internal memory are much more expensive than basic versions.

Ability to use two SIM cards

Similarly, with support for several SIM cards, which is still not on any iPhone. At all desire, it will not turn out to use a network of one operator for calls, and another - for the mobile Internet.

Presence of 3,5 mm audio connector

Starting with the iPhone 7, all Apple smartphones have lost the standard audio connector, which allows you to connect ordinary headphones and headsets. A complete adapter can solve this problem partially. However, it's not always convenient to use it. And the extra accessories in your pocket are unlikely to please anyone.

Convenience of downloading and using media files

Android users can download and download files in almost any format, simply by copying them into the device's memory. You can even launch them directly from the USB flash drive. On iOS, there is no such freedom. To throw off an iPhone movie or track, you'll have to use iTunes, which will also convert.

Customizing the interface

As for the visual setup of iOS, it's not comparable to Android. With the updates, the software shell of the iPhone acquires only cosmetic changes, maintaining a common style. Users are not given even the themes, not to mention the full-fledged launchers, completely changing the interface. But sometimes you want something new, albeit on the old device.

Openness of the system

The Android operating system is still distributed entirely free of charge, albeit without Google services. Each manufacturer has the right to use this platform as a basis for the software shell of their devices. Often it is the outside companies that, with their ideas, push Google to implement useful options. iOS same for all under lock and key, only Apple can use and develop it.

Accessibility of accessories

The expensiveness of official accessories for the iPhone has already become the subject of many jokes, and this is understandable. The purchase of a cover or adapter can result in an impressive expenditure. In the case of Android-smartphones, everything is much more affordable.


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