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5 tricks that successful managers use to increase productivity

Realistically assessing your abilities and planning correctly, you will be able to do more and less tired. Get out of the vicious circle of constant employment and stress.

Do not limit your abilities

When you think that you cannot do something, remember a man who had two million employees in his subordination. Who every day has to solve world problems. Who nevertheless finds time to be a good father of two daughters. This is former US President Barack Obama.

Or, for example, Elon Musk. He leads two huge continually developing companies, but still finds time for other interests, constantly engaged in something new. This is a good reminder that your possibilities are almost limitless.

Plan in advance

And for you, and for Barack Obama, and for Elon Musk in the day the same amount of time. The difference is how you spend it. Paradoxically, to do more, you need to do less, but more to plan. Spend a couple of hours on Sunday to schedule the next week, then on Monday, you will immediately begin to act.

Realistically assess your abilities

It often seems that only a few tasks separate us from achieving significant progress in our work. But then it turns out that we are still behind schedule.

To avoid this, set clear time limits for each case and realistically assess how many cases you can perform. There is nothing good in promising to perform ten tasks, but to do only half or do everything, but abandon your favorite pursuits out of work.

Say "no" more often

Identify activities that do not bring anything useful to your life, and boldly tell them "no." For example, refuse to watch TV shows or go to parties. Respect the ability to ignore as a muscle that needs to be constantly strengthened. This is the only way to make sure that your time is distributed in the way that you want, and not as others want.

Delegate duties

If you hire an employee, entirely give him the responsibility for his work. So you free your own time and be able to do other projects without being distracted by constant monitoring.

Of course, even good planning does not always save you from stress. There are unforeseen things happen. You have to throw all the cases and deal with problems. But these are isolated cases. In the usual situations, the above tips will help you deal with business and even leave you a supply of time.


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