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3D Graphics – A picture is worth a thousand words for your business idea or concept

In the business world, we use graphics to present an idea or explain a concept. However, it limits us to a 2D drawing although we live in a multi-dimensional world. But 3D has dominated the gaming industry for a long time. IT specialists use 3D and OpenGL (game programming) technology for developing and running most well-known games such as Minecraft or Call of Duty. In other business sectors, working with 3D technology is still a new idea. 3D can help users to explain and show their ideas and product vision better. It can simplify the design process and physical prototyping stage. Even when resources to execute physical prototypes are not always available.

3D graphics and 2D technology are familiar to our day to day work. However, the problem with 2D technology is that the users cannot test it. They don’t know if the design will function properly or fit the requirement in real life. Below are the functions that 3D graphics can outperform 2D technology. 3D interior design or floor plan professional architects and engineers work with 2D engineering drawings for a long time.But in recent years they start switching to 3D drawings.

The 3D technology such as Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) supports them in displaying and testing an idea to see whether the layout or design make sense in real life. As a result, it helps to validate their design plan and identifies design quality issues. 3D allows to test different scenarios with their designs and decide which option works best for them. 3D graphic designs save architects and their customers’ time and money. How? By confirming their project needs before moving on to executing the plan.

In the picture above is 2D and 3D Bathroom Design. The photo on the top is 2D drawing, and the bottom one is the 3D layout modeling. 2D drawing provides specific information for the architects and engineers to process the construction work. 3D images provide the home owners with a better understanding of how the idea will look like in real life. Reading such drawing can be difficult for a non-engineering background home owners. 3D graphics will help them to reconfirm whether or not the idea is worth pursuing. They can consider making a change in the layout before the construction workers build the bathroom.

Creating 3D models give architects and engineers an accurate picture of how they can change their designs. It is much easier and cheaper to alter a project at the design stage rather than after execution.

Sometimes describing an idea can be hard, it can take a lot of time to explain the concept. At the same time, the audience will have to pay great attention and have a good imagination to follow the presentation. If your business can display the idea on a 3D image, you should totally use it. It will be easier for you to create buy-in from customers and have better and clearer communication with suppliers.

Furniture modelling on the picture above is an example of a new furniture design idea displayed in both 2D and 3D images. In the 2D drawing, the table looks like a basic table and does not show the colour, the style (whether it is traditional or modern), or type of materials. As an audience, we will not be so impressed with this basic drawing. The person who presents this product idea will have to spend extra time to describe the missing information that 2D drawing does not show. With 3D modelling image, the audience can immediately interpret the main concept of your new furniture design.

The 3D object reflects the message “it is a modern work desk, it has a glass top and natural wood legs.” With the appealing look and more accuracy than the 3D graphics bring, your audience will make a decision faster.

3D Display Signs.

There are a lot of display signs options to choose such as standees, banners, and others. 3D display sign will be the right choice if you want to have more traffic to your store to get more sales. The unique look and a third dimension can grab the audiences’ attention. Besides, 3D can do much more than traditional 2D display signs can.

The majority of popular companies or organizations in the world use 3D signage. Such as KFC (fast food industry), Lacoste (fashion), Google (technology), etc. Unlike traditional signage that isn’t visible during night time, the 3D signage is visible round-the-clock. Especially in the dark. It will allow businesses to attract visitors’ attention even at night. 3D display signs are beneficial for all businesses. Especially for those who want to promote the company brand or have late business hours. Because of the accuracy and flexibility of 3D models, businesses can spend less time on the new product design stage. But more time to work on the next stage of the projects.

To summarize, here is a list of 3D graphics benefits:

Need fewer physical sample and change orders. Physical prototypes such as staging a house with real furniture can be time-consuming and very intensive. As a result, cost you a fortune to turn interior design ideas into life. 3D graphics allow users to test and interact with the ideas or designs to identify issues at an early stage. That allows you to make proper adjustment immediately before it is too late or too expensive to make changes.

Allow more people to review your design idea. 3D model is one of the tools that help any team members with or without imaginative mind in an organization review and give suggestions or feedbacks.

Need fewer review sessions. As audiences can immediately spot the issues with 3D object designs, fewer reviews meetings will be required to assess the designs again. As a result, this will improve the organization decision procedure and prevent any product rework in the future.

Provide branding opportunity. When organizations use 3D display sign or signage, it allows their brand to reach out to more people. That is because of the 3D signage visibility during both day and night time is better than the traditional 2D ones.

3D design is one of the graphics development services that Geolance offers. Our 3D designers will be happy to assist you in turning your ideas and concepts into life. Please reach out to us for a free consultation today.


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