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11 stages of creating selling video for landing pages

Video marketing is one of the main trends of the next year. The company WordStream conducted a study and received curious results:

advertising campaigns that use video, generate revenue 49% faster;

A video on a single-page site can increase conversion by more than 80%;

around the world, about 14% of marketers use video in their work;

with the help of interesting videos you can increase the organic coverage in social networks by 200-300%;

e-mails with a link to the video inside are opened at 96% more often.

Entrepreneurs understand the importance of video marketing. But no one says exactly what to do. The selling video on the Landing page is one of the brightest examples of using video. You can get a steep and effective result with a correctly written script and use of a specific structure.

Introduction, offset templates

Each video has only 5-10 seconds to interest the viewer. The task is to accommodate at this time an introduction that causes bewilderment and intrigue. You can use a template offset - a phrase or visualization that causes questions from the audience. For example, a potential client sees video ads of windows, in which they promise from the very beginning: "Look at the video, and tomorrow you will see the world through new windows." Such an introduction will certainly be of interest.

Promise in which you want to believe

People love guarantees and promises. In the selling video, you need to tell the audience what they want to hear. But you can not deceive the audience categorically. The general message of the promise is: "If you have a problem or need, it will help to solve it."

The story "I'm the same"

Here is described the situation in which the viewer is now. A person must know himself. Then the author of the video says that he was in an even worse position. As a result, the viewer has a similar thought: "Well, even if it helped him, then it surely will be useful to me."

A guaranteed solution to the problem

It is necessary to describe correctly the methods that imply the presented product or service. It is important to let the viewer understand that this decision is unique. And it is much more effective than anything that competitors offer. Direct words to talk about other companies do not need. The main thing is to emphasize the USP (unique selling proposition).

Correct presentation

Only at this stage, a person sees what is specifically offered to him/her. Here it is necessary to sound the name of the product and give its full description. Do not forget to remind you of uniqueness and advantages. At any stage of the video, you need to remember that every word must be truthful. The audience feels deceit. It is impossible to get a large base of regular customers, from the very beginning building relationships on false information.

Additional warranty

The task of the stage is to assure the potential client that he does not lose anything. What a negative outcome after the purchase is not possible. The main thing is to use the provided product or service correctly. The company LeedPages conducted a study, according to which the availability of a guarantee in the purchase offer increases the conversion by 48.32%.

Right to choose

Speech about the voice of the cost of the proposal. It's always difficult to call a price. Before you do this in the video, you need to warm up the viewer. Option — consider the same positions in the market with their prices. After that, propose, calling the price an order of magnitude lower. A person has a choice — use a standard offer or to buy the right product/service is much cheaper.

High-value bonuses

You need to think about what you can give customers as a gift for purchase. Option — something inexpensive, but very important and useful. It is important to correctly present the value of bonuses to the viewers of the video.

Advantageous offer

Trigger, aimed at an impulsive decision. After scoring low prices and additional bonuses, the most favorable offer is available. However, it must be said that for a limited time customers can get a product or service at an even lower price.

Living examples

It's time to show what customers say that have already taken advantage of the offer. Screenshots can be inserted into the video. But it's even better to show a real buyer.


After watching the video, a person should feel that he or she should use the offer right now. There is no other option. You can make a time limit. For example, the cost and bundling are only available for two days. It's important to keep the constraint. Nevertheless, if the customer enters the payment page for three days, he or she should see at least a minimally changed offer.

This is the standard video structure that sells. You can vary the items, change their places. The main thing is to make an interesting dynamic video, which every second more and more involves. Experiment with length. The video should not bother.

A correctly compiled video does not guarantee a high conversion of the Landing page. For the best result, you need to use additional influence triggers.

After all, much depends on the quality of traffic. And the target audience is attracted, thanks to the current tools of Internet marketing.


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