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10 Tips to Boost Your Email Interactivity

In the modern world, email marketing services are evolving all the time. What began as a channel to communicate between departments is now a very important marketing tool to connect with buyers. Unlike any social post that is floating in the feed, your emails reach your subscribers’ inbox and are easy to open and read.

Your subscriber receives your email and then spends roughly 8 seconds to go through it. That is where he or she decides to either respond or move to the next email. Every company usually struggles to make their emails interesting enough for their subscriber to spend more time and this can be crucial in making them customers.

You have two ways to engage with your subscribers:

Make, the design of your content presenting and engaging

Make your email content engaging

Best email marketing services have been incorporating best practices and experimenting with different email elements such as email copy, colors, layouts, visually pleasing hero images.

We are going to unveil ten secrets how you how to use personalization in an email.

Involve Email Interactivity

Since the incorporation of Cascading Style Sheets into HTML emails, it became possible to include the variety keyframe animation in emails. With it, any particular element from an email expand, move, flip, reduce, etc. As a result, you have incredible elements that change according to the user interactions. That is a great way to make your emails stand out. Even minor exceptions will be a great start!

Countdown Timer

Countdown, in any form, gives the fear of missing out in the minds of the person that sees it. This sense of rush is a great opportunity that marketers use in their announcements or sale promotions. CSS can allow the timer to countdown from the opening time of the email and to the deadline time. Unfortunately, this is currently only available in Thunderbird and Apple devices, but in this case, well-designed GIF countdown timer can be a great fallback option.

The E-commerce industry can use countdown timers to show the expiry of current offers or even the time when the abandoned products in the cart will change the price or be in stock. For example:

E-commerce sites can make ‘limited period’ urgency while offering a discount or special offers for various products.

Event companies can send reminder to their attendees

Automobile industry can email their enthusiasts with a countdown before the new car model launching.

Review Your Navigation Menu

The navigation menu is something that most of the brands tends to use in the header or footer of the email. But don’t forget that when the subscriber opens an email on a mobile device, the content tends to be long due to the screen size. This can hide the navigation menu within a collapsible menu so that only those interested can click on it. Android native and Apple’s Native email clients currently compete on the best placement. For example:

Brands in travel and hospitality services can offer links to extensive tour options neatly placed behind menus within emails.

E-commerce websites can add links to different product sections to show brand-new product launches, cross-selling and recommendations within the navigation menu.

Rotating Banner

When you need to present products or variation of the same product, putting them into columns is not a very clever decision. That will make your email too long. In such cases, it’s better to integrate a rotating banner with all images that you want. Rotating banners don’t need manual input from the user’s end, and it keeps on running in a loop. They are especially helpful for users that see your email on mobile devices. For example:

Tour and travel companies can show their tour packages in limited space.

Educational and academic institutes can do a slideshow of their achievements and awards.

Use Sliders

Sliders perform a similar function as rotating banners, but the only difference is that the subscribers can rotate the banner in the direction they want. Also, you can have separate CTA buttons for each frame to help keep an eye on user engagement. For example:

Technological companies can demonstrate their service or product offerings, feedbacks, through such sliders.

Retailers can showcase their brand-new products in one email via sliders in an email.

Scratch & Flip Effect

You can hide coupon codes in emails for a dramatic effect. Behind a silver strip, a subscriber needs to virtually scratch or click to reveal the result. This is effective for creating a mystery that raises the subscriber’s curiosity level. It will work for desktops, Thunderbird and Apple Mail, but in other mobile devices, it will work only in native apps. For example:

E-commerce websites can form some drama by sending a coupon code that has flip-flop and scratch card effect.

Research companies can provide a brief about research, and their stats can go through a flip effect.

Accordion Effect

You can decrease the overall email length with accordion effect. With it, you can hide the email content behind tabs. When the subscriber clicks a tab, the content expands automatically. Great for sharing secondary information about the product. For example:

bloggers and publishers can implement accordion to put up more content in their email newsletter.

eCommerce retailers can deliver secondary information their products.

Integrated Forms

Instead of redirecting your subscribers to a landing page, you can insert in-line forms within your emails. But note that is currently only supported by Radio Buttons, Textbox, Checkboxes, and Paragraph. That is very handy for collecting feedbacks or conducting surveys. For example:

E-commerce websites can add a form to their post-purchase email in which the client can review the product.

Restaurant owners can send promo-emails to get subscribers or giving feedback on their experiences.


Tooltips can be helpful for e-commerce solutions, trough emails subscribers can get extra information about a specific product by tapping or clicking on the overlay. In combination with embedded forms in emails, it can be a great way to provide useful information. For example:

Retail and apparel stores can show elaborate information on their products when the user clicks on the tooltip box.

Tourism companies can share the details about wonderful destinations with associated package details.


That is probably the most engaging content since the popularity of Youtube platform and Snapchat. Nowadays you can add an embedded video to your email. Upon user interaction, the video can play right in the email. Currently, supported in Outlook for Mac, Apple devices, and Native Android clients.

Email marketing development still brings the highest ROI, and innovations such as these interactive elements, that keep email at the top marketing tool.


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