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No significant investment required.  Great design and rich functionality. Quick launch under your brand. We transfer the source code and copyright. There are no restrictions on modifications.

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Rich functionality

Our application builder has everything to launch your branded mobile iPhone & Android applications in a matter of days. We have transferred our rich experience in creating mobile applications for large companies and offer you the widest possible functionality. A catalog of goods or services, a shopping cart, a full-featured product map, news, and promotions, push notifications, Apple iBeacon support and much more is available immediately!

Great design

What is the disadvantage of the existing design of mobile applications? Very rarely you can make the perfect design yourself. At our constructor, we have attracted experts to make excellent design suitable for most retail companies.  The audience is growing and the functionality is not enough? We can modify according to your specifics ...


  • Select one of the following types of catalogs: step catalog, category paging, paging cards, mixed (step + paging)
  • Novelty and discount badges
  • Capability to add an item to Favorites

Product Card

  • Capability to add to Favorites
  • Novelty and discount badges
  • “Share” button
  • Block of choosing items by parameters: size, color, brand, clothing material, etc.
  • Browsing product reviews
  • Item description
  • Selection of recommended and recently viewed products
  • Product Availability indicatorAbility to add to favorites
  • Badge with information about the discount or novelty
  • Share button
  • Parameters for the goods: size, color, brand, material, etc.
  • Product Reviews
  • Product description
  • Collections of recommended and viewed products
  • Store Availability Indicator

Sort and Filter

  • Filtering Catalog Search Results by a customizable set of parameters (filters are formed into a table of elements of different types, set of elements is configured into account, for example, by price, size and color)
  • Sorting of goods by any specified parameters, for example, alphabetically, by price or novelty

Purchase History

  • Checking order status (paid / unpaid)
  • Detailed information about order content, details of the order
  • Repeat previous order
  • The output of order processing, payment, delivery information


  • Selecting “Menu on the left” method of navigation
  • Selecting “Tabs at the bottom” method of navigation (under development)
  • Quick access to all app sections
  • Ability to add a profile image
  • Switch to account


  • Cart number of items indication
  • List of cart items with the possibility to edit (change the number, delete items)
  • Activation of promo codes and coupons codes in cart

Checkout process

  • Mail order
  • Transferring an order via API to your CRM system
  • Inserting personal data into a profile
  • Quick choosing of the delivery on the same screen with ordering
  • Multi-address delivery feature for courier delivery
  • Choosing method of payment (by cash, credit card, or web-money)

Card payments

  • Support for leading payment systems: PayPal, etc.
  • Payment systems integration


  • Global product search
  • View previous search queries
  • Delete search history immediately
  • In case of a request error, there is an option to go to the catalogue
  • Output of tags while search
  • Display items with filtering and sorting


  • E-mail, login, phone and password authorization
  • User registration with custom settings
  • Authorization via social networks (currently supported, Facebook)


  • Editing user personal information
  • Custom settings for the mobile app
  • User address list with add and manage a new address options
  • Push notifications history

Personal Dashboard

  • Personal users data with the ability to modify
  • Mobile app user settings
  • List of user addresses with the ability to edit and add a new shipping address
  • Push notification history


  • Browsing product reviews
  • Leave seller feedback option
  • Leaving and editing feedback
  • History of customer reviews (stored with product card)


  • Onboard support when a user launches an app for the first time
  • Here you can write a prompt and tell about the advantages of the store
  • Placing the illustrations, photos, icons, and images of your company
  • Geo-location and push-notification access confirmation screens

Contacts and Addresses

  • Addresses (for example, of retail stores) are presented on the map and in a list format
  • Put contact details, working hours, route option
  • Feedback (option to contact the store by phone)

App Rating

  • User-friendly review request about the application
  • Rate blocks are in “Order history”, “Sales promotions and News” sections
  • Well-designed scheme for leaving user feedback
  • Choosing several design option decisions


  • Support for the output of sections “Legal Information” (public offer agreement) and “Privacy Policy”
  • Support for the output of the FAQ section (frequently asked questions)
  • App Rating in AppStore
  • “About the Company” section


  • Custom application settings list: sending push notifications, user location, selecting a region, 


  • For detailed user behavior analytics on mobile applications, we integrate support for:
  • Google Analytics
  • Firebase Analytics
  • AppsFlyer

Push notifications

  • Registering user’s device for push notifications
  • Processing user interactions with received notifications
  • Support for transitions from push notifications to specific sections of the application


  • Several types of notifications: tips, in the form of prompts and with a request (for example, confirmation of a call)


We provide three basic fonts to choose from San Francisco, Open Sans, Roboto

If necessary download your logo font with the sign of currency

Loading screen

You can install any boot screen you want, with your logo in branded colors

Barcode Scanner

Barcode reading

Product search in the database by barcode and its display


Discount for regular customers

Tie a discount card of your company

Ability to add a promo code or discount coupon

The accumulated points reward system


Support for built-in chat (messenger) with company personnel

Ability to send photos and videos from gallery or take an instant photo

Status tracking “delivered and “seen”


Geolocation marketing − a user get notified by push notification containing any information (for example, about sales promotions or news), if the user is in the area specified by the coordinates (for example, 300 meters from the store)

Gathering analytics about the moving of users between your stores.

iBeacon *

Bluetooth marketing – push notifications about sales promotions, if the user is in the the Apple iBeacon area of your store

Gathering analytics about the movement of users between your stores

We did not forget anything?

We have not listed all advantages of mobile applications, there are still feature like push-notifications, the open-rate which ranges from 50 to 80%. Let's look again at the main advantages:


Your brand is always at the fingertips of the customer


The applications are already on the smartphone. The speed of work is impressive!


Send push notifications to attract  attention


Work with your camera from your mobile application


A lot of opportunities for personalization in the application


iBeacon, Physical Web, Geofencing for working with clients nearby

Any improvements are possible.

You are not limited by functionality and the great design. What is suitable for starting a business can be easily developed as you want. Any improvements are possible immediately or later, as you wish. We transfer the source code of mobile applications with documentation, which allows us to involve third-party developers for any improvements. You do not depend on us, develop your product as you prefer!

Open source code 

The constructor is developed on the Microsoft Xamarin platform.

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